This is my Why.


Starting to feel better and went for a long walk today. Had time to do a little reflection. After being sick last week, I had lost 4 pounds and this would make the old me jump for joy. The new me put on my jeans that I think make my booty look awesome (we all have those right??) But my booty that is normally there was covered with sagging fabric. My jeans were loose. The old me would have LOVED this.

The old me, the girl on the left in the photo, would have been terrified to have the booty the girl in photo on the right has now. New me is proud to have that booty and I have done many squats to get there. I would like to thank Kim Kardashian and my hubby (who reminds me sometimes) for letting me get it into my thick head that curves are beautiful too. Let me introduce you to and let you get to know a little about the old me.

I was completely lost and miserable. I had been in and out of some really toxic relationships with people who did not deserve my love and attention. I felt drained, sad, lonely and decided that my unhappiness was because I was not skinny enough ( skinny equaled hot to this girl) to get and keep the right guy. Yep, these are the thoughts of a woman in her 20s that was immature, confused, had low self-esteem and had no idea what she was really worth. I had grown up overweight, shed the weight but was still not happy. So I obviously needed to be thinner. Then I would be perfect and worthy of all things great, especially that true love and family I desired.

This started my spiral into disordered eating. My life started revolving around days of starving myself (diet of cigarettes, coffee and a cup of soup), followed by days of binging, purging, diet pills, laxatives and depression. Eating and not eating consumed my every thought. I stopped spending time with friends and spent a lot more time alone. My biggest joy was that I was able to fit into a size 0. Guess what??I was more miserable than I was in the size 6 that my old boyfriend convinced me meant I was a “BIG” girl. I was in a hole and fighting desperately to find the way out.

When I tell this story, I am often asked how I got out of it. It was not something that happened over night. I knew I was in trouble and I knew that if I did not get out of it soon, I might never be able to. Plus my family was starting to ask questions and I could not stand lying anymore. They were concerned and they had every right to be. I was falling apart.

So I slowly stopped the days of binging, purging and diet pills. I started going back to the gym, I started spending time with friends again and I stopped convincing myself that my weight was what was keeping me from finding happiness. I needed to constantly remind myself that my worth was not tied to my weight or pant size.

It took me years to get it all together and I was still struggling when I met my husband. We dated long distance and there were times that when I was alone struggled with not eating for stretches of time. Then we got married and I had to make the choice to either let my disordered eating effect our married life or let go of that completely and thankfully I chose the latter. Only I could make the changes necessary to make that happen.

I bet you are wondering…. how did I end up where I am now. How did I decide to not only go from one end of the spectrum to actually wanting to help people lose weight in a healthy way?

After having our daughter I feared that those anxieties and doubts about my body would return and somedays they were there but then I discovered PIYO then 21 Day Fix and the Beachbody coaching community. This was life changing for me, for the first time I was able to focus on getting my body on track in a healthy way. This was new ground for me.

Because of this community and the people in it, I am mentally, stronger and healthier than I have ever been in my life. Physically I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin. I am fully committed to being a role model for my daughter. Someone that she can look up to and someone who can teach her a positive body image.

I am also fully committed to helping my past, present and future clients do the same. Our journey’s may all be different but we can find common ground in the process.

My next online motivation, accountability and workout group starts soon and I would love to have you with me. Let me know if you are ready to chat!

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Joanne Barnes-Jung
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Core De Force Results and Review

Core De Force Results

I did not do a week by week results post for Core De Force because I wanted to wait till the end and give my results and opinion. First of all, Core De Force is my freakin’ soul mate program. I LOVE IT!!! The focus of Core De Force is on your core, total body strength and conditioning. My results have been incredible and I love that I haven’t used any equipment at all. I am beyond impressed with my results and the overall program. I went in with the goal of losing the 10 pounds that I had gained after the miscarriage that I suffered this past fall. I did not get all the way there but almost. It was also the holidays, weight loss over the holidays?? Yes!!!

I did the entire 30 Days of Core De Force by following the supplied meal guide, drinking Shakeology daily and healthy snack options. It was the holidays so I did have a few treats here and there. I was able to stay track minus a few meals over the 30 days of Core De Force.

Core De Force Results

I love the calorie burn I get from Core De Force!

This upcoming Monday January 9th, I will starting over with Day 1 using the Deluxe Core De Force version. This version adds in some new workouts like MMA Kick Butt, Agility Strength and Agility Power. I can not wait to try them and these ones also utilize the Agility ladder that comes in the deluxe pack! Another awesome part is that Beachbody on Demand has released 2 new workouts MMA Speed 2.0 and MMA Shred 2.0. I will swap these out instead of the regular version and I am sure my results will get even better!! I love that I can create a new schedule for my second round. Nothing worse than getting bored with your routine.

Since the holidays are now over, it is time for me to forget about temptations and get back on track. This Friday I will be kick starting my after holidays group by doing the 3 Day Refresh with a half-dozen other ladies from my group. The 3 Day Refresh is a cleanse that is low-calorie and still keeps you pretty satisfied. I will update you with my results from that! I feel pretty gross after the holidays and I have been looking forward to resetting my system.

Getting out of my routine does not make my body happy! I enjoyed the holidays but it is time to get things going properly and get back to my routine. We have no events planned or trips for the next upcoming month. That means I have an opportunity to really tackle Core De Force 100% for the next 4 weeks. I enjoyed that holidays and I always make room for balance in my life. If you do not have balance you will not stick with it!!

I am so excited to share my results with you and I have been making some crazy progress in  my core and on the scale. I have a 2.5 year old and she was a c-section baby, my core needs some work! With that being said my core will never be perfect but I am trying to get it as good as it can be. I am so proud of my progress with Core De Force!


Core De Force Results

Day 1 (left) and Day 30 (right)

Core De Force Results

Core De Force Day 1 (left) and Day 30 (right)

Core De Force Results

Core De Force Results Day 1 (left) and Day 30 (right)


Day 1

Weight 146.5 Waist: 30 Chest: 35 Hips: 41 Left Thigh: 22 Right Thigh: 21.5 Left Arm: 11.5 Right Arm: 11.5

Day 30

Weight 138.4 Waist: 27.5 Chest: 32.5 Hips: 39.5 Left Thigh: 20.5 Right Thigh: 20.5 Left Arm 10.5 Right Arm: 10.5

-8.1 Pounds and -11 inches!!! So crazy!!! I love Core De Force!!

All right Mamas, who wants to have balance in your diet and still get results that you love? Let’s do this together!! Make sure to follow my Clean Eating Mommy Facebook Page for clean eating recipes, tips and motivation.

Plus join my next challenge group, for more information email me at or message me on my Facebook page  I will help you set yourself up for success with goals that are attainable. Let’s get you to your health and fitness goals!

Sugar Free Oatmeal Pies

Did you know that the average American breakfast can have anywhere from 10-55grams of sugar or artificial sweeteners in it?

Think about what you normally have for breakfast:

  • cereal and milk
  •  muffin
  • pop tarts
  •  donuts
  • granola bar
  • coffee shop pastries
  • caramel latte

Here’s the deal. When we start our day off with that much sugar, we are setting ourselves up for a crash later! Literally, we eat a breakfast that contains lots of carbs and sugars, which gives us a kick-start of energy, but that doesn’t last long. There’s little to no nutrients in some of the items listed above, which means there’s nothing there to fuel our body long-term. Instead, we are running off of the sugar, until we burn that off, and hit a crash which is where our body says…”Hey, I need more sugar so I can keep going throughout the day!’

And that’s how we get into the addictive sugar cycle.

It’s not totally our fault though. The food industry has created these foods. Marketing them as great ways to start your morning. And don’t think for one second they don’t know what they are doing. They are educated and aware of the fact that sugar is highly addictive. That’s why it’s in so many items. They know that you will come back for more because your body will want it!


We choose foods that contain good sources of protein and healthy fats. These items give our body fuel to slowly burn off, plus they create that feeling of satiety, which means we are staying full longer.  Some of my favorite things to have for breakfast are a full of nutrition protein shake, or an egg scramble with lots of veggies added in. Let’s admit it though, many times we are barely getting out the door on time, and that’s without feeding ourselves or the kiddos breakfast. That’s part of the problem isn’t it? Those items listed above are all quick and easy! Grab-n- go is ideal for our busy lifestyle, especially when it comes to morning time.

That’s why I’ve added this amazing Oatmeal Pie Recipe to my Simply Sugar Free Cookbook that is on sale for pre-order right now. Full of 30+ recipes that are Sugar Free and delicious! My goal is to provide people with recipes that will make the idea of living a sustainable sugar-free lifestyle a reality!


This month only you can pre=order my book at a reduced price and get it delivered before Christmas! 

Not only does The Simply Sugar Free Cookbook feature some yummy sugar-free recipes that you and the family will love, but I also share my own sugar-free journey with you. Starting with my decision to challenge myself to a year without sugar, and what eventually drove me to create a lifestyle of living sugar free, and teaching others to do the same.

Grab your copy of The Simply Sugar Free Cookbook HERE, and get access to these amazing sugar-free recipes to try just in time for the holidays! The last day to order for the pre-order price is December 5th.  Get yours today!!


So let’s talk about how to make your morning routine less stressful, lower your sugar intake, and still enjoy a tasty, yet healthy breakfast on-the- go! How about a sneak peek to the Oatmeal Pies that are in my cookbook!

Try these and let me know what you think! Be sure to tag me on Instagram when you share a selfie stuffing your face on the way to work while you are loving these Oatmeal Pies! Use @BrittanySuell #SimplySugarFree



Enjoy!  -Brittany Suell


Hi, I’m Brittany. I am a wife to an amazing God-fearing man who has encouraged and pushed me along in my journey to create this Sugar Free Life for my family. I lead a busy life as a mamma to a brave little boy and joyful baby girl.  Born and raised in Texas, I love the outdoors, raising chickens, and going home to East Texas never gets old. I am a fitness professional, creator of the 21 Day Sugar Free Academy, and author of The Simply Sugar Free Cookbook. I offer in person yoga instruction, group fitness classes, and online fitness boot camps.  I love coffee, traveling, the small adventures of life, and there is no dream too big for me.  I am passionate about helping others live the life they are created to live! Watching my clients learn they can do more than they ever thought possible is truly fulfilling to me! I fully believe the Lord created each of us with a unique destiny and no matter how big or small your role looks in the eye of man, you were made for more!!!  I love inspiring and helping others live in the fullness of their identity as well as offering simple solutions to live the healthy and fit life that they desire and deserve. I believe that when you are taking care of yourself and your health, you are happier and able to live your best life!

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21 Day Fix Results: Week 2

21 Day Fix Results Week 2

21 Day Fix Results Week 2

I am back and so excited to share with you my 21 Day Fix results from week 2. Being the second week I was back in the groove of following the program and using the portion control system. I can tell you I love using the containers. It is not for everyone but it is definitely for me! It really helps me to take a step back and look at my portion sizes.

I have to mention this again because it is so important, if you use all the containers you will never be hungry. I was always satisfied with the amount of food for the day. I used to never be a breakfast eater and my breakfast of Shakeology is my favorite meal of the day some days! I mean if you can have chocolate for breakfast you are not going to crave sweets the rest of the day!

What has my day been looking like?

Breakfast: Shake and fruit
Snack: Plain Yogurt or Hard Boiled Egg
Lunch: Leftovers or Salad with Chicken
Snack: Fruit/Nuts or Hummus/Veggies
Dinner: Salmon (any protein), Asparagus (any veggies) and Sweet Potato/Quinoa or Brown Rice
Drink: Water, Water and more Water 🙂

Since it is Week 2 the workouts are not as hard as they were last week, definitely still very challenging though. I am also not as sore as last week, leg day had my quads still burning though! For those of you that are curious about the workouts, there is variety and you do not get bored. For the week you have Cardio, Upper Body, Lower Body, Pilates, Cardio, Mix of Cardio/Weights and then Yoga.

The third week was much more challenging since it also involved a move for us. Not a regular move but a move from New York to Dallas. SO there was some traveling, eating out etc. I will share more about this in my next post with my third and final results from the 21 Day Fix!

21 Day Fix Results Week 2

21 Day Fix Results Week 2

21 Day Fix Results Week 2

21 Day Fix Results Week 2

21 Day Fix Results Week 2

21 Day Fix Results Week 2

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Joanne Barnes-Jung
Independent Beachbody Coach

21 Day Fix Results: Week 1

A sample of my 21 Day Fix Meals

A sample of my 21 Day Fix Meals

21 Day Fix results from week 1!!! I have done the program before and loved it. I lost 15 pounds doing the extreme version after having Emma. I have had a rough few months and decided to re-do 21 Day Fix to re-set my body.

In August we found out that we were pregnant with our second baby. Most of August I spent nauseous and with little energy. I was not consistent with my workouts or with eating clean. This was also how most of September looked too. Then in the 3rd week of September we went for our first Ultra Sound and found out we had a missed miscarriage, the baby had stopped growing but my body still thought it was pregnant.

The last month was filled with physical and emotional complications from the missed miscarriage and then an incomplete miscarriage. Last week I was ready to start trying to get back on track and lose the 15 pounds that I had gained since the beginning of August. I knew that 21 Day Fix was a great place to start!

Since I had been down this road before, I knew what to expect food and exercise wise. The great thing about the 21 Day Fix and also the biggest misconception is that you think you will always be hungry. I never feel hungry on this plan. I always start with breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and sometimes even an evening snack. That is depending on how late I have dinner.

The most common questions I hear is: “Do I have to finish all of the food?” That is a good sign right?

What about cravings? I used to crave sugar a lot. This has all changed after I started drinking Shakeology. Specifically, vegan chocolate shakeology. I love this stuff. It has been life changing for me. It keeps me satisfied and tricks me into thinking that I had indulged in something bad! I switched to vegan because the regular version was giving me belly bloat.

The weekend is my biggest struggle because we normally like to have some red wine on Friday and Saturday nights. The amazing part is that 21 Day Fix lets you drink wine!!! or the cocktail of your choice. It is all in the program, this is why it is easier to stick to than any other plan I have ever done.

I am on to week 2 and I can not wait to share with you the rest of this journey! Stay tuned 🙂 If you are interested in joining my next 21 Day Fix Challenge Group, here is how you can contact me:

email me:
message me on FB: Clean Eating Mommy

Check out my 21 Day Fix Results from week 1

21 Day Fix Results

21 Day Fix Results: Week 1 Front Angle

21 Day Fix Results

21 Day Fix Results Week 1: Back Angle

21 Day Fix Results

21 Day Fix Results Week 1: Side Angle

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Joanne Barnes-Jung
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Slow Cooker Slim down: 5 Day Free Group


I am beyond excited to be hosting a FREE Slow Cooker Group that starts on November 7th!! I will be providing a 5 day meal plan including slow cooker dinner recipes and workout tips, and it is completely FREE!!! This will be an amazing opportunity for you to begin your clean eating/fitness journey or help you with new ideas for your current plan.

This being fall and with winter coming, the slow cooker is the most used appliance in my house. I will be featuring all of my favorite slow cooker recipes and family favorites. This slow cooker group will be 5 days in length and will include dinner recipes for all 5 days. One of the best things about slow cooker meals is that you can take the left overs and freeze them!

Please comment in the event page or say you are attending to be included! I can not wait for us to work together in 5 days of recipes, meal tips and workout ideas!

*Please, only those who are not currently working with a coach *

Ulcerative Colitis and Probiotics


Just Thrive provided me with product for this review. There was no monetary compensation.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I do not share this very often, but I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 12 years ago. Up until last spring, I had gone 4 years without having a flare up. When I had that flare up, was the first time I had to actually do more research and look into how to manage my gut health properly. Something that kept coming up was using a good probiotic.

On my quest to find the perfect probiotic, I was given the opportunity to try out and review a probiotic that is different from the others. I was so excited to be able to review Just Thrive Probiotic.

What makes Just Thrive different?

Just Thrive Probiotic and Antioxidant is a supplement that you take once daily. It introduces good bacteria back into your gut and helps to restore its natural balance. Most probiotics make the similar products, but they get digested when you eat them and don’t survive long enough to do any good. Just Thrive actually has the bacteria that can actually survive the harsh environment of your stomach to make it to where they’re needed in your gut. That means the probiotic can actually do the job that it is meant to do, which is heal your gut health and get you back on track.

How did I feel after using it for 30 Days?

My flare up from UC has been gone for a while, but I have on-and- off symptoms, mainly slight cramping that can be quite uncomfortable at times. After a week of using Just Thrive Probiotics, I stopped having that discomfort. The great thing is that after 30 days, I still have not had any cramping or other GI issues. Because my symptoms do come and go, I cannot say 100% that this was all due to taking Just Thrive, but I can tell you it did make a difference in how I am feeling. I’m so happy to have found a probiotic that I can trust and is finally helping me feel great.


Beachbody Health Bet 2016

Hey ladies!!

Myself and 3 other coaches will be running a challenge group starting September 5th. The group will be taking part in the Beachbody Health Bet. Beachbody will be splitting a pot that is now at 1.25 million dollars with the participants who:
Log their workouts at least 3x per week
Drink Shakeology 5x per week

The group will run September 5th-October 2nd and you will have a choice from a handful of Beachbody programs (PIYO, 21 Day Fix, Country Heat and more) plus 30 day supply of Shakeology.
The great part about our group is that each coach will be focusing on a specific segment. I am doing nutrition, my friend Mindy who is a fitness fanatic will be providing workout tips and my friend Allison is a self-care expert.

If you would like to get in on over a million dollars and get healthy at the same time, comment below of message me via my facebook page and I will help you enroll in our group 🙂


If we are not already lets connect:
Until next time,
Joanne Barnes-Jung
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Our Family Vacation at the Royalton Punta Cana

Review of Royalton Punta Cana

Morning donut at the Cafe.

I had intended to write this post earlier but life got in the way! We took a family vacation in April to Royalton Punta Cana Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We have traveled with our toddler before but never out of the country for a full week. We were not sure what to expect and if she would be able to handle being so off of her routine. Two year olds are a lot of work and I was sure that being on vacation did not mean that was going to change.

We flew out in the morning and decided to upgrade our seats so that we would have more room. We have flown with Em many times and know that this is the way to go. For her and for our sanity, there is more room, snacks, food and drinks for the adults. The snacks and food come in handy because it is something to distract her.

Unfortunately in the middle of the flight she had a full melt down. I could only describe this as an almost panic attack. She was really upset that she could not get off the plane and was sobbing for a full 30 minutes until she passed out in my husbands arms. We were afraid that this was just a preview of our week.

We arrived at the airport and she was excited to be there. There was a band in the baggage area that she was content dancing with until we got our bags. We had hired a car service and that was also no problem. Our drivers were awesome and even shared some candy with Em. The ride to the airport is approximately 30 minutes.

The moment that we stepped out of the car at the Royalton Punta Cana, I was so impressed with how beautiful everything was. The view of the beach when we stepped into the lobby was incredible and we could not wait to get started. We had booked a luxury diamond club swim up room and were escorted to the diamond club lounge to check in. This process was smooth and painless, our room was not ready yet so our butler escorted us to the buffet for a quick-lunch. The buffet at Royalton Punta Cana is the best buffet I have had at any all-inclusive resort and I have been to a lot of them. We normally skip the buffet at all costs but we ate here several times. They also make the best cappuccino I have ever had in my life.

Review Royalton Punta Cana

Walking the grounds on day 1.

After lunch we were shown to our room and it was exactly what I was hoping for except for the fact that there was not an option for a suite. Since Em was in the room with us that meant at nap time in order for her to sleep, we had to sneak out on the patio and stay there till she woke up (2-2.5 hours). This was fine because we had a swim out room and Jon was able to swim to the bar while I lounged in the pool on our patio. The only time this was not good was at night. At night we would put her down, sneak on the patio with a few drinks but we could only go back in if we were planning on going to bed. Which meant some nights we were in bed at 9pm!

Normally when we travel we like to book a suite so that we are able to have separate sleeping areas and we do not disturb her sleeping. It also helps so that we have our own adult space. This was our only flaw in the room situation.The next obstacle was trying to figure out her vacation schedule. The first day we decided not to put her down to nap because she was having too much fun. BIG MISTAKE. By dinner time she was hysterical and we ended up forcing her to nap by letting her cry it out on the bed with us. This is when we decided the next day that she would have her regular nap like at home and we would go and swim out back. My biggest tip is keep your toddler on their routine!

Royalton Punta Cana Review

Nap time for toddler was adult swim time for us. Thankful for swim out rooms!

I am not going to give you a day by day re-cap. We would be here forever hahahaha. The food was hit or miss but the buffet had anything you could ask for. I loved the steak house and Mediterranean restaurants. Jon liked the buffet most of all because you could have them grill steak for you there and had many to choose from. They also had an unbelievable seafood bar. Lunch we would eat at the Italian buffet by the beach. They had yummy pizza and amazing chicken.

Our only complaint about our trip was the actual Diamond Service. They advertised it as being full luxury with your own butler to help you out with anything you need. We tipped him when we arrived and never saw him again. Every time we called him with the number he gave us, he said he was not available at the moment.

On the day of check out they told us to have our bags ready and they would be picked up. We waited 15 minutes no one came. We called and they said someone was on their way. Still no one came to pick them up, we called again and they said “We told you, someone is coming soon”. We told them that we were going to miss our car to the airport and had been waiting 30 minutes. Jon ended up carrying all the bags in the heat (2 suitcases, a travel crib and back pack) all the way across the resort.

The best part was when we got to the lobby our butler appeared and was asked us why we never called to tell them to pick them up!! We would go back and use Diamond service again but only because we liked having the swim up room for nap time. Also the Diamond Club staff was constantly trying to get you to sign up in a time share.

The ride back to the airport was fine and so was the flight. The funny thing is that every time we travel, she cries either on the way there or back but then is a perfect angel on other flight. If you have any questions about our trip to Royalton Punta Cana, leave a comment below. Have you ever done an all-inclusive trip with a toddler?

*We booked out trip online with hotels and it I would suggest that site for booking your hotel anywhere. We have gotten so many free nights by racking up stays on their site and will continue to use them. So easy and so many great deals. This post does contain an affiliate link.

One Pan Dinners Meal Prep Group

One Pan Dinners

Hey everyone!!

I am so excited to be running this new 5 day group idea that I had. Do you spilt up the household duties in your home?

In our home, I do the meal planning, my hubby does the actual cooking (he is amazing) and I do the dishes. I do not hate doing the dishes but I always love when there are less of them, especially pots and pans. We have started to become obsessed with one pan dinners and for a good reason. They are easy, quick and there is less mess!!

I have been running 5 Day Free Clean Eating Groups for a while now and love them. I have met so many fantastic ladies and made genuine friendships in them. But I love switching things up and this seems like a fun way to do it. The group will start on August 15th 2016 in a private Facebook Page.

  • 5 One Pan Dinner Ideas
  • Recipe Sharing
  • Meal Prep Tips
  • Shopping List
  • Health Tips
  • Motivation

Here is a quick One Pan Dinner (serves 2) that we love to do:


  • 2 Salmon Filets
  • 1 Lemon
  • Salt and Pepper (to taste)
  • 1 Bunch of Asparagus
  • Garlic Cloves (as many as you like!)
  • Olive Oil Spray


  1. Pre-Heat oven to 400.
  2. Get a sheet pan and spray with olive oil spray. Place Asparagus on the sheet pan and add as many garlic cloves as you plan on eating!
  3. Put into the oven and cook for 25 minutes.
  4. Take out of the oven. Move asparagus to each side to make space in the center of the pan. Place salmon in the center of the pan.
  5. Season salmon with salt and pepper and place 2 lemon slices on each filet.
  6. Put back in the oven for an addition 15-20 minutes depending on how you like your salmon cooked.
  7. Take out, plate and enjoy!

I love teaching other women how to eat clean and carry that over into their family life. I run clean eating groups as well as fitness and nutrition groups in order to do this. I believe that a healthy and happy Mommy will produce a happy and healthy family!

To be in the group message me on Facebook or email me at

I can not wait to work with you!!

If we are not already lets connect:
Until next time,
Joanne Barnes-Jung
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