21 Day Fix/ Core De Force Client Results

21 Day Fix/ Core De Force Client Recognition Time!!  I am so proud of this girl that I just had to share with everyone. This is Jess and she started out in my Bridal Boot camp group back in mid August. As off today she is down 40 pounds!!!! She did this by using 21 Day Fix and Core De Force Beachbody programs combined with Shakeology.

Jess is a prime of example of how Beachbody programs can truly work if you agree to commit and put in the work. That means following not only the exercise program but also the nutrition side of the programs. If you use both of them together you will get to that goal you are after!

It is not only about weight loss it is also about health and happiness. Jess and I have talked about mindset a lot and about being positive. This girl has done a complete 180 not just on weight but also on her attitude. She just radiates confidence and happiness and it shows. She will be walking down the aisle, feeling and looking the best she has ever felt. Who doesn’t want to feel that way?

I am so proud of you Jess and all of the hard work that you have put in. Not only the work but also how inspiring you are to the other ladies in our group as well. Thank you for allowing me to share your success!!

If you would like to try either one of these programs in either my bridal boot camp facebook group or my monthly accountability group, I would love to chat with you about it. Let’s find out which program would suit you best and take it from there. You can email me at joannebjung@gmail.com or message me on my Clean Eating Mommy Facebook Page.


21 Day Fix Results

21 Day Fix/ Core De Force Results

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