Slow Cooker Slim down: 5 Day Free Group


I am beyond excited to be hosting a FREE Slow Cooker Group that starts on November 7th!! I will be providing a 5 day meal plan including slow cooker dinner recipes and workout tips, and it is completely FREE!!! This will be an amazing opportunity for you to begin your clean eating/fitness journey or help you with new ideas for your current plan.

This being fall and with winter coming, the slow cooker is the most used appliance in my house. I will be featuring all of my favorite slow cooker recipes and family favorites. This slow cooker group will be 5 days in length and will include dinner recipes for all 5 days. One of the best things about slow cooker meals is that you can take the left overs and freeze them!

Please comment in the event page or say you are attending to be included! I can not wait for us to work together in 5 days of recipes, meal tips and workout ideas!

*Please, only those who are not currently working with a coach *

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