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Summer Slim Down Starts July 3rd

All Access Pass Challenge Group

4 Week Summer Slim Down Group Starts July 3rd

I want to help you improve your health, confidence, and mindset. This is what is at the heart of my challenge groups.

If you have been following my journey, you know that I am a health and fitness coach with Beachbody and by using the tools I have available to me, I want to help you!  You may be asking yourself: “what kind of tools??”

  • Workouts (100s available at your fingertips)
  • Customizable Weekly Meal Plans
  • Amazing Super Food Shake
  • Motivation and Tips

These are the tools that I use every single day to be my healthiest self. I will use them to help and teach you to do the same. We will get you back on track together!

We will get you set up with the right plan for you. You used to have to pick out 1 program. Now you can look at, and sample every single one before deciding on which one is right for you. No more purchasing a program and deciding that was just not for you because we know that all programs do not suit everyone. Mixed martial arts is my JAM but you may love hip hop dance! You will do this by using the ALL ACCESS PASS. It is an annual membership to Beachbody on Demand. It is like Netflix but for workouts, yes access to the whole library!!

Not just workouts but a cooking show, meal planning tools, recipes and so much more available to you!! I am obsessed with it!!! Plus you get to try out the unbelievable super food shake Shakeology for one whole month.

I was a HUGE skeptic before I tried it. I thought it was just another protein shake and I had tried a lot of those. But I was wrong, it is a superfood shake that fuels your body with pre and pro biotics, nutrients, vitamins and minerals. All the things most of us as deficient in!! You are not deficient in protein are you?? Then why are you supplementing with it. It give you what you are missing every single day. My digestive system is finally on track after a decade of struggles, sugar craving are in check (hello, um chocolate for breakfast!!). I stopped craving the JUNK. Plain and simple, less cravings and more energy than I have ever had. It is not a weight loss shake it fuels your body.

Even if you are already fit it is for you. I am not looking to lose weight anymore and I drink it. My hubby drinks it and even my toddler gets a mini shake. I am telling you from a former skeptic it was life changing.

You will get everything you need to start the challenge. From now till the end of August the ALL ACCESS PASS is on SUPER DISCOUNT!!! Down from $200 to $160 (USD). That is for:

  • A whole freaking year of workouts
  • Access to my private online group as well as a mobile activity tracker
  • Me as your Coach to cheer you on!
  • and so much more!!

We will be in a private facebook group that I will check in with in the mornings. Leaving you either a recipe, motivation or little tips and tricks for your health. It is not a quick fix group but an ongoing journey. We will get you going so that you can live a balanced lifestyle that you can enjoy. If you are miserable trying to lose weight…. you are doing it wrong.

Mid-Day check in as well. At that time I will address any questions, concerns or offer support to those that need it! It is a heck of a lot more fun to do this together than alone. After the 4 weeks you can stay on (a lot of women do) or you can decide to leave and go at it alone if that is your thing! I have seen lives changed and I want to offer that to you!

Moms, it is ok to take care of you. Do not let yourself go in order to serve your families needs 24/7. Your family will benefit from a happier, healthier and more confident you!! I started out just like that. I had my daughter, became a stay at home mommy and started to lose myself. You can still have you time, take care of yourself and be an AWESOME MOM. You have heard the saying; “You can’t pour from an empty cup” this is true. Keep filling your cup so that you can give to your family. Plus you are teaching them that you value yourself too! I joined a group, fell in love with the process, shakeology and I want to pay it forward to you guys!

This experience has changed my life. It is not just a body change. It is about mindset, self-love, new-found confidence and raising our families are a great example for them to do the same. If you want in we start July 3rd, let’s get you prepped and ready to go! I promise you if I can do this, so can you!!

To get signed up email me at joannebjung@gmail.com subject: Summer Slim Down Group and I will get back to you within 24 hours. Or message me using the message tab on my Clean Eating Mommy Facebook page.

If we are not already lets connect:
Until next time,
Joanne Barnes-Jung
Independent Beachbody Coach

21 Day Fix/ Core De Force Client Results

21 Day Fix/ Core De Force Client Recognition Time!!  I am so proud of this girl that I just had to share with everyone. This is Jess and she started out in my Bridal Boot camp group back in mid August. As off today she is down 40 pounds!!!! She did this by using 21 Day Fix and Core De Force Beachbody programs combined with Shakeology.

Jess is a prime of example of how Beachbody programs can truly work if you agree to commit and put in the work. That means following not only the exercise program but also the nutrition side of the programs. If you use both of them together you will get to that goal you are after!

It is not only about weight loss it is also about health and happiness. Jess and I have talked about mindset a lot and about being positive. This girl has done a complete 180 not just on weight but also on her attitude. She just radiates confidence and happiness and it shows. She will be walking down the aisle, feeling and looking the best she has ever felt. Who doesn’t want to feel that way?

I am so proud of you Jess and all of the hard work that you have put in. Not only the work but also how inspiring you are to the other ladies in our group as well. Thank you for allowing me to share your success!!

If you would like to try either one of these programs in either my bridal boot camp facebook group or my monthly accountability group, I would love to chat with you about it. Let’s find out which program would suit you best and take it from there. You can email me at joannebjung@gmail.com or message me on my Clean Eating Mommy Facebook Page.


21 Day Fix Results

21 Day Fix/ Core De Force Results

If we are not already lets connect:
Until next time,
Joanne Barnes-Jung
Independent Beachbody Coach

Core De Force Results and Review

Core De Force Results

I did not do a week by week results post for Core De Force because I wanted to wait till the end and give my results and opinion. First of all, Core De Force is my freakin’ soul mate program. I LOVE IT!!! The focus of Core De Force is on your core, total body strength and conditioning. My results have been incredible and I love that I haven’t used any equipment at all. I am beyond impressed with my results and the overall program. I went in with the goal of losing the 10 pounds that I had gained after the miscarriage that I suffered this past fall. I did not get all the way there but almost. It was also the holidays, weight loss over the holidays?? Yes!!!

I did the entire 30 Days of Core De Force by following the supplied meal guide, drinking Shakeology daily and healthy snack options. It was the holidays so I did have a few treats here and there. I was able to stay track minus a few meals over the 30 days of Core De Force.

Core De Force Results

I love the calorie burn I get from Core De Force!

This upcoming Monday January 9th, I will starting over with Day 1 using the Deluxe Core De Force version. This version adds in some new workouts like MMA Kick Butt, Agility Strength and Agility Power. I can not wait to try them and these ones also utilize the Agility ladder that comes in the deluxe pack! Another awesome part is that Beachbody on Demand has released 2 new workouts MMA Speed 2.0 and MMA Shred 2.0. I will swap these out instead of the regular version and I am sure my results will get even better!! I love that I can create a new schedule for my second round. Nothing worse than getting bored with your routine.

Since the holidays are now over, it is time for me to forget about temptations and get back on track. This Friday I will be kick starting my after holidays group by doing the 3 Day Refresh with a half-dozen other ladies from my group. The 3 Day Refresh is a cleanse that is low-calorie and still keeps you pretty satisfied. I will update you with my results from that! I feel pretty gross after the holidays and I have been looking forward to resetting my system.

Getting out of my routine does not make my body happy! I enjoyed the holidays but it is time to get things going properly and get back to my routine. We have no events planned or trips for the next upcoming month. That means I have an opportunity to really tackle Core De Force 100% for the next 4 weeks. I enjoyed that holidays and I always make room for balance in my life. If you do not have balance you will not stick with it!!

I am so excited to share my results with you and I have been making some crazy progress in  my core and on the scale. I have a 2.5 year old and she was a c-section baby, my core needs some work! With that being said my core will never be perfect but I am trying to get it as good as it can be. I am so proud of my progress with Core De Force!


Core De Force Results

Day 1 (left) and Day 30 (right)

Core De Force Results

Core De Force Day 1 (left) and Day 30 (right)

Core De Force Results

Core De Force Results Day 1 (left) and Day 30 (right)


Day 1

Weight 146.5 Waist: 30 Chest: 35 Hips: 41 Left Thigh: 22 Right Thigh: 21.5 Left Arm: 11.5 Right Arm: 11.5

Day 30

Weight 138.4 Waist: 27.5 Chest: 32.5 Hips: 39.5 Left Thigh: 20.5 Right Thigh: 20.5 Left Arm 10.5 Right Arm: 10.5

-8.1 Pounds and -11 inches!!! So crazy!!! I love Core De Force!!

All right Mamas, who wants to have balance in your diet and still get results that you love? Let’s do this together!! Make sure to follow my Clean Eating Mommy Facebook Page for clean eating recipes, tips and motivation.

Plus join my next challenge group, for more information email me at joannebjung@gmail.com or message me on my Facebook page  I will help you set yourself up for success with goals that are attainable. Let’s get you to your health and fitness goals!